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Teen Intervene- for teens

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What is Included in Parent Training? 

  • Individual and group discussions with certified professionals

  • Program guide books

  • Tool kits designed to help build parenting skills

  • Virtual or In-person

How much does the class cost? 

FREE! This program has been made available to all families in Franklin County for no cost. All expenses have been covered by Citizen Advocates.

For all parents!

When is the class?

Upon registration, your information will be sent to a certified Triple P facilitator who will be contacting you directly to schedule a time that is most convenient for you. 

Multiple dates and times are available to meet your needs. 

Why should I take this class?

Triple P is one of the most effective, evidence-based parenting programs in the world. 

The instructors at Citizen Advocates have been certified and trained to lead the discussions and class topics.

Triple P has been shown to work across cultures, socio-economic groups and in many different types of family structures.

For your safety and convenience, classes will be held virtually until further notice. 

Have concerns about your teen's alcohol or other drug use?

We offer free screening and intervention at school or in community:

Register on form below or contact (518) 319-2476 for more information.

Teen Intervene program provides education, support and guidance for teens and their parents.

Our research-based Teen Intervene program helps youth:

  • Identify the reasons they have chosen to use alcohol or other drugs,

  • Examine the effects of substance abuse in their lives

  • Learn to make healthier choices


Programming designed to meet  your needs.

Girl with Leather Backpack

FREE and local! Learn simple and practical strategies to help build strong, healthy relationships.

Confidently manage your children’s behavior and prevent problems with development.

For more information:       (518) 319-2476

Triple P Parent Program

Teen Intervene 
Brief intervention for teen alcohol or drug experimentation

Teen Intervene- for teens

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Register Free Parenting Skills Training

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